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Lune INNATE supports you in to connecting to the light within, your higher-self, personal power, and life path.  







Welcome to a relaxing  experience of holding sacred time and space for your personal development and transformation.

Please get comfortable, breathe at a comfortable pace, and give yourself permission to tap into all the benefits of this experience on behalf of your highest and greatest good in perfect comfort and alignment.

This audio track has been designed to take you on an energetic journey of rebirth by helping  to reach a state of mind via binaural beats and notes to access the Zeal chakra - a space known to hold ties to our patterns and belief systems.  

Over the next hour the frequencies will move from alpha which is tied to the brain state of relaxation and meditation, to theta which is the state of sleep and deep meditation, and back to alpha again. This purpose of the dip into deep meditation is to create a journey of submergence and emergence.

Bring yourself to a state of gratitude in regard to your past, and the lessons and growth it has provided. Validate your life experiences, and trust that even if you can not grasp the lessons fully they are surely serving your highest good.

Take a moment to declare your old self loved and valued, yet released. As you now deliberately step into your upgraded self.

Be focused yet expansive as you begin to picture all the things you welcome into your Self, and into your new life. Allow yourself to let go of all that doesn’t serve you and welcome in all that supports your highest good.

Picture yourself in your highest state of what you would call perfection. What traits to you embody? Focus, grace, abundance, perfect health, discipline, discernment, patience, generosity, healthy boundaries, spiritual gifts, confidence..

See the qualities which speak to your soul magnetized to your being.

Move to see your extended environment. Where you live. Your fulfillment though your passions. The way you treat and are treated by others. Your adventures, goals and dreams manifest.

For best results, follow this practice daily for twenty one days, or as often as you are able.

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