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Lune INNATE supports you in to connecting to the light within, your higher-self, personal power, and life path.  




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Quiet Mind iTunes.jpg



This audio track has been created to support you by utilizing a combination of theta binaural frequencies, and notes chosen to move excessive energy from the mind, Throat, to the joy center, Sacral. Essentially using the synergy of these points to more from excessive logic to balanced instinct. This not only helps in reaching clarity and peace, but also give the higher mind the opportunity to solve challenges or simply allow the soul to be more clearly perceived.

Set your intention

On Behalf of my highest and greatest good

In perfect comfort and alignment

I allow the following frequencies and affirmations to support my desires, quiet my mind, and release negative or limiting thought patterns.

My mental plane is a sacred space

It is easy for me identify when a thought or thought pattern isn’t serving my best interest.

Each day I take time to fill my thoughts with gratitude, joy, and my personal fulfillment

I choose to allow my mind to rest.

It feels so good and natural to release thought, stress, and tension

I easily release thoughts which do not support my highest good.

My excessive thoughts slow, and continue to slow with every breath

As my mind quiets I am able to tap into my intuition and inner knowing

It is easy for me to let things go, and move to inner peace

My mind often moves to scenes of tranquility and gentle flow

With every passing moment I am more calm, comfortable and centered

My calm state of mind and overall vibe is noticeable to others

Even in stressful situations I am able to bring my mind to state of peace

It is easy for me to be present in my experiences taking lessons from each one

Every time I consciously choose to allow my mind to quiet I am creating waves of peace and harmony in every area of my life

The INNATE is a project shared by Lune Innate, and Gre.vo, aka Udachi. Over the next few months we will be sharing many tools, similar to this offering, to be utilized in your sacred practice. We would be so honored to connect, hear constructive feedback, your requests, etc.

Lune INNATE is a teacher of Esoteric Healing Arts, who also creates ASMR healing sessions by proxy. Gre.vo is a creator of electronic music, and videographer. We've talked about doing this project together for years, and even has a few false starts, so to finally see it in motion is extremely exciting for us both.

Hope you enjoy XO.

If you enjoy this audio and would like to support the project, The Lune Innate Patreon offers a tier for free audio downloads of all tracks. While this is not exactly an extensive list at this time, The INNATE plans to create at least three a month to add to what is available.

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