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Lune INNATE supports you in to connecting to the light within, your higher-self, personal power, and life path.  



UPDATE: I have recently moved to Florida and am in the process of finding a new location to host 1:1 sessions. No 1:1 appointments other than remote are available at this time. Please check out the Training, Services, and Shop area to view what I am presently able to provide. Thank you for your grace and support during this transition.



If you are interested in scheduling an in-person Reiki Session, or Spiritual Counseling, please email me at to check availability and schedule your appointment.



I feel it is important to be transparent about my rates, as that is certainly information I would like to have before inquiring to set up an appointment. Each appointment is set for two hours, to give us plenty of time to connect. Please also keep in mind I require exchange payment at time of scheduling to confirm your appointment.

The rates for Reiki and Counseling are the same, as they are both the same length of time.

  • $225 - Individual Appointment (2 hours)

  • $625 - Three Appointments (2 hours each)

Should you need to reschedule that is no problem, but please let me know as soon as you can so I can rearrange my schedule. Of course sometimes things come up last minute but please do what you can to prevent a "No-Show/No-Call". 

I do not offer refunds on this service, however I will issue refund if there is a problem on my end. For example if I have an emergency and need to reschedule last minute - you will have the option to reschedule or receive a refund. 

Reiki sessions include energy reading, balancing, and energizing as well as options for use of crystals, aromatherapy via essential oils, or sound. We chat before the session to discuss any details or intentions you would like to work on, and then after Reiki as well to go over my perspective of the session and any suggestions I have on maintaining harmony in your energy and life.

Counseling sessions are very open. Sometimes all we do is talk, others we pull cards, discuss tools or recommendations, gemstones, oils, herbs, astrology, etc. It is very unique to the individual and what they are looking for out of the appointment. 

Hope these details give you some insight. 

Wishing you much love and warmth.