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Lune INNATE supports you in to connecting to the light within, your higher-self, personal power, and life path.  



What is Reiki?

Reiki is a form of energy work beneficial to physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness. It balances the chakras, removes blockages, and activates the body's healing potential. 

Reiki is an ancient practice, brought to the public by Japanese monk- Dr. Usui, which has been passed down, teacher to student, for hundreds of years. 

What is a Reiki practitioner?

A Reiki practitioner has studied with a Reiki Master Teacher and has been attuned to work with Reiki energy. 

Reiki practitioners dedicate themselves to maintaining their own energy and balance, so that they may conduct Reiki energy to the recipient. 

What are Chakras?

Chakras are energy points, or vortexes, which run along our bodies from below our feet to above our heads. Each chakra is related to a set of physical, emotional, and spiritual elements. When a chakra is over-active, under-active or blocked we become out of balance and susceptible to discord. 

There are seven primary chakras: Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye, and Crown. 

How does distance Reiki work?

Reiki sessions can be preformed either in person or via distance; both are effective. Reiki energy is Universal. It is beyond our solar system. It is beyond space and time. Reiki practitioners have been trained in the practice of sending Reiki to an individual, group, or cause.

What happens during a distance Reiki session?

Prior to your session we will chat either by email or phone and discuss any specific areas you may feel need focus, and I will answer any questions you may still have.  After our chat you will need to get comfortable in a place you will not be disturbed for forty-five minutes, and allow yourself to receive the energy. 

During the session I will be checking and balancing your chakras, clearing your auric field, removing negativity, and sending Reiki energy. 

After the session is complete I will compose a write-up on what I found to be happening with your energy and any suggestions I may have for you to keep your energy balanced. 

Do you offer in-person sessions?

Yes. I see see clients in Manhattan and Brooklyn, and offer house call services when appropriate. Please message with any inquires. Sessions can be purchased here.

Do you teach Reiki?

Yes. I teach Reiki in small groups or one on one. Scheduled dates for classes are listed in the Events area.  Please message for details. 

Why is vibration/energy important to our wellbeing?

When our energy is not balanced our vibration lowers. As like attracts like a lower vibration will attract other low vibratory energies.

We have all experienced "bad days" when nothing seems to go right. Those days stem from our vibration. A low vibration draws more negativity to us.

When your vibration is high it will not necessarily guarantee a "perfect day" however you will more easily maintain a healthier view and positive thoughts, regardless of external circumstance, which will attract positive energy. When we reach this point of happiness coming from within, and not dependent on any other cause, we take back the power of our potential for creating the lives we desire.

Why are stones/minerals/crystals used?

Minerals, gemstones, crystals, etc. are used as tools to help us get our vibration to a higher point. 

The Principle of Vibration dictates that everything moves/vibrates. Science has proven that at a molecular level all things are in constant motion. 

As humans our vibration changes throughout the day while stones have a fixed vibration. Our bodies will begin to match the vibration of a stone simply by holding it in our hands. 

Each stone has its own benefits. Some remove negativity or offer protection, others bring compassion and non-judgement. Some support our creativity, others help us get into a meditative state. The benefits are endless. 

How often should should one schedule a Reiki session?

That is a personal choice and depends on an individual's need. The typical suggestion is three (3) sessions spaced not too far apart when beginning this method of energy healing. Some are doing much work within themselves and enjoy weekly sessions during that time. Others schedule monthly sessions. Some schedule only when they feel they need a energetic reset. 

Are there any risks associated with Reiki?

No. Reiki is a gentle approach to holistic wellness. Reiki does not replace professional medical needs, but works very well in conjunction.

What is the three day detox?

There is a window period of three days after receiving a Reiki session where it is likely for a detox to occur. This most commonly occurs as an emotion or memory coming to the surface to be dealt with and released. It is important not to judge what ever comes up, simply acknowledge, see the lesson, be grateful for what it has taught you, and let it go gently.

What is 1:1?

1:1 is a one on one guide/mentor/support service. To be honest, none of these words resonate with me and I struggled to find the proper name for this service. 1:1 represents the level of commitment and investment of time, focus and resources I am able to provide for my client. 

What's with your YouTube ASMR videos?

I discovered ASMR videos when I was pregnant; they helped me relax enough to fall sleep. Combining my interests with ASMR came naturally. 

Here is a link to more information on ASMR. 

Creating these videos also gives you a chance to get to know my personality and see if you vibe with me prior to booking a session.