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Lune INNATE supports you in to connecting to the light within, your higher-self, personal power, and life path.  



to Sep 15


We joyously extend invitation to an immersive, intentional, and intimate experience spanning over three days in September 2019.

It is our hope that this is the first of many collaborations to become manifest, and thereby we are keeping it small and cozy – the location is a private residence in Huntington Beach California, with a “sleepover style” invite to those who wish to spend the night.  Should you plan to stay over, please bring what you need for comfort such as pillow, blanket, etc.

The events run from Friday evening to Sunday Afternoon and will be fully catered with delicious and nurturing meals and snacks.

  • Friday, the 13th, 7pm; we will begin with an Opening Ceremony with Festivities, and for those who choose to spend the night a Dreamtime Ritual.

  • Saturday, the 14th, we will craft our own Oracle Card Decks in sacred ritual, one-on-one supportive energy work sessions with Hype Priestess, Lune Innate & Angela Mary Magick, and Bonfire Ceremony at the Beach under the Full Moon.

  • Sunday, the 15th, adornment & sound healing ritual, brunch, Hype Priestess, Lune Innate & Angela Mary Magick will lead a meditation and ocean blessing at the beach

Because this is such an intimate event we have a very limited number of tickets available for the complete three days, and will be opening the Full Moon Bonfire Ceremony on the 15th to a few more guests.

Hype Priestess, Lune Innate, and Angela Mary Magick

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